Firehawk FH700HIA Plug-in Mains Deaf/Hard of Hearing Alarm Kit with Strobe Light and Vibrating Pad. Radio link to Firehawk Wireless Alarms


Wireless interlink optical smoke alarm with sealed-in 10 year battery.

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Firehawk FH700HIA Plug-in Mains Deaf/Hard of Hearing Alarm Kit with Strobe Light and Vibrating Pad. Radio link to Firehawk Wireless Alarms

The Hearing Impaired System (FH700HIA) has been designed to meet the needs of those with hearing impairments. The system incorporates a Control Unit with high intensity LED Flash Strobe and rechargeable battery back-up. The Vibrating Pillow Pad connects to the control unit and warns the user when in bed

Mains Powered Control Unit with Rechargeable Battery Back up. The Control Unit has a high intensity LED Flashing Strobe light to alert the user that a Smoke alarm (FHB10W), Heat Alarm (FHH10W) and Carbon Monoxide (CO7B-10Y W) has been activated (sold separately)

Vibrating Pillow Pad placed under a pillow will vibrate to alert the user when in bed

The Control Unit connects wirelessly with Firehawk wireless alarms: Smoke alarm (FHB10W),  W), Heat Alarm (FHH10W), and Carbon monoxide (CO7B-10Y-W) alarms.

Control Unit can be freestanding or wall mounted.

  • Conforms to BS5446-3: 2015

Designed to complement a Firehawk wireless fire detection and alarm system, the FH700HIA alarm kit is comprised of a control unit with integrated high-intensity flashing strobe light and a wired vibrating pad to alert occupants who are deaf or hard of hearing to an emergency. The control unit is mains powered with a sealed back-up battery and can be left free-standing or installed on a wall with the included bracket, while the vibrating pad is intended to be slipped under a pillow or seat cushion.

  • Designed to alert deaf or hard of hearing occupants to a fire or carbon monoxide emergency
  • Power: 230V mains powered with battery backup
  • Backup: 10 year sealed self-charging lithium battery
  • Warranty: 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sealed lithium back-up battery is constantly recharged from mains power
  • Interlink with Firehawk wireless smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms – when a potential fire is detected, all interlinked alarms will sound
  • Features a control unit with high-intensity strobe light and wired vibrating pad
  • Strobe light flashes at no higher than 2Hz – below common trigger frequencies for photosensitive epilepsy
  • Vibrating pad for placement under pillows or seating cushions
  • Strobe unit can be wall-mounted or free-standing for easy installation
  • Can also be used to wake young children who may not be woken by the frequency of a standard alarm
  • Separate LED indicators for power, fault, fire, and carbon monoxide
  • Multiple FH700HIA hard of hearing alarm kits can be connected to the same alarm system
  • CE marked and conforms to BS 5446-3: 2015

Please note: This kit cannot detect smoke, heat, fire, or carbon monoxide and must be interlinked with other Firehawk wireless alarms to function.


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BS EN14604 : 2005